44 days until I depart for Vancouver!

I’m so excited! Time off work! Travel! To a place I’ve never been! The west coast! And the plane ride will be the longest I’ve ever been on, and the plane will be the biggest I’ve ever been on. So exciting. Just 44 more days. Oh and I’ll meet my pupster that day. Am I excited about that? or just nervous? 🙂 I’m plenty scared!

Off to my retriever club meeting tonight. Herc* is out of town this week and his dog is here keeping us company. I had them out in the next kennel run while I was reheating and eating Herc’s amazing homemade turkey soup for dinner, and his dog moved right into the dog house, so I guess it’s comfy!

I know I’ll want to know this next year, so I’ll record it here. I turned my furnace on for the first time this year on Saturday – October 22. That was the latest I’ve probably ever waited! But it was fairly warm, and oil is expensive, and I have blankets so it was okay.

I’m still debating if I should buy a ticket for the Lotto 649 tonight. $40 million dollars is really too much, but perhaps too much of a good thing is better than not enough? Should I buy a ticket on the way to the meeting tonight or keep my $3 for the draft pitchers after the meeting? mmmm beeeeeer.

My grief for Winger has really eased significantly since I spread his ashes on Friday and saw that beautiful sundog. I think I’ve still cried every day, but my spirit feels better. 2 o’clock in the afternoon is the worst. It seems every afternoon at 2 I’m sitting at my desk at work, hating the fact I have to be there for 2 more agonizing hours, and I think of Winger, and I miss him, and I usually have to choke back the tears. Nighttime is a bit better now that I rearranged my bedroom so the huge void I was feeling of him not beside my bed is better now that I moved the bed to a new place. Then I feel guilty for trying not to be sad. I really miss feeling so loved – I know it was just a dog – but he adored me and that I miss. Hopefully when I tell the guys tonight that he’s gone I won’t cry. That would be way not cool.

Well I have some web projects that are desperate for my attention, so I better do a bit of work before I head out. Catch ya later, thanks for reading….

* Herc’s real name is not really Herc