I had to take Surf to the vet yesterday. She had been coughing for over a week. Like a cough, cough, cough, followed by a loud and long gag. On Sunday she started coughing up blood so off to the vet!

She had a bit of a fever. The vet swabbed the back of her mouth after she coughed and did a smear on a slide of the blood and goo. It was full of white blood cells, bacteria, some red blood cells, and some mucousy stuff. He prescribed a week of amoxicillian, 500mg twice a day. She coughed when he pressed on her trachea so it’s something like kennel cough hopefully and will go away, or else she’ll have to have xrays and an antibacterial throat wash.

This morning she already seems better and only coughed once before I left the house. I really hope Herc’s dog didn’t get it too.