Well Surf didn’t cough for a whole hour after we woke up! But she refuses to eat her kibble. She will eat dog cookies and my left over roast beef, and she eagerly drank the milk from my cereal so maybe she’s playing a number on me.

She has hurt her leg now though. I noticed for the last few days she’s been dragging her back foot a bit. She hurt it again last night. I know how now. She tries to step off the bed, and when she tries do to that, her last back leg is stuck on the bed and she’s on the floor. So I won’t be lifting her up on the bed to snuggle at bedtime anymore!

She’s really … what’s the right word. She’s lying around like a throw rug. She doesn’t look at me when I say her name, she’s just lying like she’s depressed and not feeling well. Her favourite person, Herc, will have to come over and cheer her up.

5 weeks until I fly out to get her puppy nephew! Sometimes I wish I had a way to communicate that to her so she could get excited with me! I hate seeing her so sad.