Surf is gone. By this afternoon she couldn’t walk, she couldn’t eat, she hadn’t peed all day, she couldn’t even stand. It was time to set her free.

We don’t know if it was cancer or blastomycosis, but whatever it was it affected her neurologically, maybe even a tumour on her spinal cord. I’ll never know. By last night she could only drag/push those two right bad legs. They seemed to hurt her and for the past two days she groaned when I moved her.

Dad and Julie are here this weekend. They both came with me and came into the room with us. I kissed Surf so many times and told her to go be with Winger now. She didn’t die as fast as Winger did, but it was quick and she took a few breaths and then was silent. I remembered to take a clipping of her hair before I left. Even though I am absolutely broke, she deserves the same treatment as Winger so she will be privately cremated and then I’ll spread her ashes where I spread Winger’s.

I’m totally totally heartbroken. Both of my babies, gone in less than 2 months from each other.