Ahhh how I love these days off. I fully support more paid vacation days a year. We’d all be so much happier.

We rented four movies. Last night we watched “The Fantastic Four”. It’s based on a comic book series. I’ll give it 3/5 stars. It was a neat flick. I liked their super powers. I’m not sure I’d want any of their superpowers, but watching them learn how to use them was cool.

We also watched… hold on, gotta google for the name, I forget….oh yeah “The Great Raid”. It was about the American army attempting to rescue their POW’s from a Japanese run camp in the Phillipines. It is based on a true story. I give it 3/5 too. It was a little long. I always promise myself I’ll never watch another war movie because they are so gruesome and I think it’s ridiculous what men will do to each other, but I always end up watching another one.

Two more movies to go tonight. “The Four Brothers” and “The Brothers Grimm” are the titles (I believe).

Hey DAD are you reading? J. and I took the tiles off the bathroom wall this morning. It didn’t take that long. That J. is a real workhorse. There are still a few around the toilet that we just can’t get the right angle to take them off, but maybe we can take off the back of the toilet or something. Then we filled up J.’s truck and took a load of stuff to the dump, including the ugly wicker chair that Julie liked once but never took, my old pots, old trim, old tv from the garage that was here when I moved in, lots of cardboard, my old printer that was struck by lightning and didn’t work, etc. I think J. would have liked to take another load out of here, but baby steps, baby steps. I like stuff.