Yesterday J. toughed out the 38°C humidex to help me pull out the 3 layers of carpet from my back room. They came out fairly easily and we took them straight to the dump!

Turns out the floor is mostly covered with these old tiles. They even did them in some sort of pattern. Here are some photos:



We went to Home Depot to look into my options. I could probably leave the floor like it is, but it’s old and ugly and there are some pieces missing behind the door.

We looked at ceramic tile – the really hard/durable .99 cents a square foot kind. They have free seminars every Saturday morning so we are going back next weekend to learn more. The knowledgeable man said I could get away with leaving the old tiles in place if I use this orange padding underlay that is glued down – Mike Holmes uses it often on Holmes on Holmes. It’s pricey, but it’s worth if it I don’t have to pull up the tiles.

The other issues with that back room – there are two kinds of paneling on the wall – some tan and some green. I’d love to give them all a coat of paint (or 5 – panelling sure sucks up the paint). However my hot water tank is in the corner and I’ll have to remove it to do the work, and all the plumbing for it is against the wall so it’ll be tricky.

Or I could just leave it. I just mopped it so I’ll see if I can even get it clean looking. I want to keep this house sellable so.. well I guess we’ll see.


Monty and J.’s dog got to enjoy the new sprinkler J. found at Home Depot. I put up a few shots of Monty on his website. (he’s 8 months old and 62 pounds now!!)

Today after retriever training, we took a Sunday drive to check out a lake I’ve never been too. As soon as we pulled up to a boat launch, I saw the .. no make that.. THE cutest thing ever. There was a bunch of baby common merganser ducks – and half of them were riding on their momma’s back! By the time I got the camera out they had jumped off to swim on their own. OOOH man they were so cute!