Who knows about roofs and shingles?

I had hoped my shingles would last more years that this, but they are looking really bad all of a sudden. No corners on them anymore, they are rounded and worn.

My house inspector warned me they had less than 5 years in them when I bought the house – sheesh was that 4 years ago already? Wow – I believe I got possession on September 16th, 2002. The house inspector said there is a single layer of asphalt shingles with the waterproof membrane underneath – and it goes all the way up, not just the first few feet.


  • Rip them off and reshingle
  • Put on a second layer

Anyone know how much it costs to reshingle a roof? I honestly don’t have a clue. Am I looking at $1000 or $10,000? When is the best time of year to do it?

My house is about 862 square feet. One story house. Simple roof.

I really want to keep my house sellable, so I don’t want to wait too long. I can’t really afford to reshingle, but I doubt someone would buy it as it is.

Would I get more for the house with brand new shingles? Doubtful.

I’m not really keen on doing it myself. Because I’m a chicken. And I could fall.