I’m patting myself on the back this morning for having the foresight to put my snow tires on last week.

This morning there is only about a centimeter of snow on the ground (with probably 20 more on the way this afternoon), but it was enough to cover all the streets in town with glare ice and black ice. You know the kind (okay in Lisa in Texas probably doesn’t), the kind that makes the entire street surface into a slick rink begging for a sander (that never came…).

If I hadn’t had my snow tires on, I wouldn’t have made it two blocks from my house. My truck just isn’t maneuverable with all season tires in the winter. Of course the tires are better in snow that on ice, but they still made a huge difference.

Now if only snow tires were mandatory by law!

The weather forecasters have changed our outlook for the winter to one that is colder than average. Woo hoo! Bundle up!