4 Movie Weekend

Here is a quick overview of our latest rentals:

Lucky Number Slevin – Decent movie. We pieced together the clues and figured it out before the end. 3.5/5

Click – Adam Sandler movie – had some laughs. Nice life lesson. I’ll say 3.5/5.

Poseidon – Overall pretty stupid, but it kept my gut clenched for most of it – it was a little tense as people were continuously drowning and dying. 3/5

Can’t remember what it was – It was some sequel movie that was based on a comic book. I only watched the last 20 minutes because I was not at all interested in it. So I suppose I am not qualified to rank it. Now what the heck was that one called… There was a blue man in it played by Kelsey Grammer if that helps.


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2 Replies to “4 Movie Weekend

  1. I also rented Click, because I wanted to rent the Lake house but they couldn’t find the dvd of it, anyway I was expecting it to be a funny movie like other Adam Sandler movies are, but this one was more of a movie with a message, so I didn’t laugh as much. I do however like his movies to see how his usual characters show up and what their roles are. So rent it, but don’t expect to roll on the floor laughing by the end of it, actually you might even need a kleenx nearby.

  2. the last movie would be X-men. likely the final in the trilogy, The Last Stand.

    (and I haven’t even seen it yet…)

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