For the techies out there…

I upgraded to Mozilla Firefox 2.0 for my browser a couple weeks ago.

There are a few GREAT updates in this version. Here are my two favourite:

Spell Check: Now the spell check is built in to the browser. So every time you are typing online – in a form – like if you decide to leave a comment here – it checks your spelling as you type. All misspelled words are underlined in red. Then you can right click and choose the proper spelling. This is how I found out that I’ve been spelling weird wrong my entire life. I really need to retrain my fingers now because it’s extremely difficult now to hit that e and i in the opposite order than I used to hit them in!

Save on crash: Every once in awhile your browser is bound to crash. Now when you restart your browser after a crash, it asks you if you would like to restore all the windows you had open. Yes, that is right, they are not gone!! Fantastic!!

Another neat thing is that it checks for updates for your extensions before it completely loads your browser and prompts if you would like to install the upgrade. That way you don’t have to wait until the next time you restart your browser to use the updated extension.

I wasn’t prompted that there was an update so you may have to go to to download.