I took my date (ok I lied, I went by myself) to see the Borat movie tonight.

The 7:15 show on a Wednesday was good for the choice of seating, since it was showing in the biggest theatre, and there was only maybe 20 of us in there. I chose the middle seat in the back row of course. Then 4 other copycats came to sit in the back row too, even though there was about 50 other empty rows.

Anyway, the one thing about seeing a funny movie in an empty theatre is the fact that I could only hear myself laughing.

Borat is a funny movie. It is completely unique. Just be sure to check all of your easy-offended nerves at the door because this movie is going to try every angle possible to offend you. If you let that all go, you’ll laugh your ass off.

I give it a 4/5 for adding many good laughs to my otherwise dull day!


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