After what feels like a million hours of updating code over the past few weeks, I have uploaded all that code to the internet to finally redesign my website with a modern look. is one of my oldest sites – back to 1999. It is so large that even though so many of the features are programmed so that I only have to make a change in one file to show on all the files – ie. the sidebar links, when I want to redesign the layout, it involves manually editing almost every page.

While it is still not bug free, I had to stop procrastinating and I made it live tonight. Check it out – It isn’t a drastic change for the viewer, but it is certainly nicer.

At the same time, I got rid of the www part of the url. I hate www so now if you use www it will forward you to the www-less address.

Another bonus for today – across all of my sites today I have made almost double in ad revenue than my all-time daily high.

After I squash any bugs from the transfer on, then I can start adding updates and few features again. I was really hating that old look .. for at least a year… ’bout time Jeff went away so I could get some work done. HA just kidding Jeff, I miss you, shoot your deer and hurry home.