It’s a cold and quiet Sunday morning. I was up at 4am to take Jeff to the airport for his 6am flight to Calgary. He’ll be gone until Friday. Of course I came home and went back to sleep until 9:30. Ahhhh I love sleeping in.

I think today I’ll go get the rest of my Christmas shopping for Jeff done since he can’t peak at my purchases. Right now I’m making an account for myself here on Jeff’s laptop so when he’s gone I can use it 😀 Ahh how I miss my laptop. Right now I’m watching The Antiques Roadshow and I’m sitting in my leather recliner and using the laptop. NICE!

We got a good dump of snow on Friday. I got stuck on ice on a hill at a red light on Friday after work. Jeff had to get out and push. I better remember to get those sandbags back in the truck before I go out today. Hopefully with both of our trucks in the driveway this winter there will be less to shovel but I’m probably dreaming. Jeff has a big snow scoop though and now there are two of us to shovel the snow, so we should be good to go! 😉

Well I guess I should get showered and dressed and then shovel out my truck, load up the sand, and shuffle the order of the trucks in the driveway, then I’ll be off to battle the Christmas shopping crowds. Canadian Tire was a zoo yesterday!!