After we went into town for groceries and some errands, neither of us had totally satisfied our sense of exploration and adventure for the day. We stopped at home to drop off the groceries and then switched to the Caliber for tour.

We went down to Sherbrooke and got gas. We reset the gas mileage dash computer and by the time we got home a couple hours later it was the lowest it ever was – 7.1L/100km!

We didn’t go too far, just out to the ocean in a few places, saw some old communities and scenery. We like seeing the old abandoned houses in amongst the houses. There are really old abandoned houses all over – lots of history.

Here are some pictures from down around the Liscomb area.

Here is some type of heron. There were a few of them hanging around. Very majestic fliers.


Jeff was pointing out some of the things he saw when he was out on the boat for work one day. There is a shipwreck somewhere, but we couldn’t see it from the shore.




You gotta love this car. My favorite part of every work day is driving my car to and from work.