Jeff took me away from my computer to go on a seal hunt! Well to shoot them with a camera, not to kill the seals silly.

We were only down the road a few feet when ON NO, is that someone on the ice?

We saw two black things on the ice and I thought someone must have fallen through on their snowmobile. Jeff stopped the car. We had binoculars and the camera so we peered out over the ice. I zoomed in with my camera to take a photo. This is what I saw:


I clicked ‘review’ on my camera and zoomed in on the photo to see this:


We realized then it wasn’t human – it looked like a dead animal with an eagle sitting on it. So we zipped around to the other side of the lake to take a better look. Here is a closer view:


It was a dead deer, eaten apart, bits all over the ice. The eagle flew away and the black crows hung around. We’re guessing the coyotes around here must have chased the poor dear out on to the frozen lake and finished him off.

We watched to see if the big eagle would come back, but it didn’t so we headed off to Sherbrooke, and then down the shore to Ecum Secum. The drive along the shore is beautiful, but I can’t imagine living there. Here are a bunch of shots I took while Jeff drove:









We’ve seen lots of deer around here. 3 live ones today. One dead one. Yesterday we saw 4 in a guy’s yard.