Another GORGEOUS sunny day in Nova Scotia!!

Today we took a drive through Antigonish and over to Cape George. We took pictures up at the lighthouse there in the summer when we were out here looking for a house. It is just as breath taking in the winter!

The lighthouse is wayyyyy up, look wayyyyyy up, above the Northumberland Strait. The water is an incredible deep shade of blue. Unfortunately my camera didn’t capture the brilliance of the blue. Guess you’ll have to come and see for yourself.

The land you can see across the water is Cape Breton Island.







We kept our eyes peeled to the ice flows, but we didn’t spot any seals!

Afterward we got home we continued work with the sandvic – there are hundreds of alder trees encroaching on the house that must go! So hack hack hack, we’re choppin’ down. They have a healthy understory of spruce so once we can get rid of these alders our house will be hugged by spruce – beautiful!