I took my blue beauty to Apple Auto Glass today and got them to repair two stone chips on my window. I kinda knew they could always do this, but never did it. They say da’ fresher da’ better. $65 + tax to seal 2 nasty chips on my front window vs. $500+ to replace the windshield. No brainer.

It’s Tuesday evening. It’s misty/foggy outside over the lake. We were just at the front windows watching the deer in the field across the lake and there is a flock of crows chasing a hawk over the lake. Monty is outside and is all muddy from his bunny patrol back and forth along the back fence.

Nothing much else is new. I hear Mom and Julie are both sick so if you live close to them, you should bring them chicken soup. Campbell’s if you can – I hear they’re closing the big Campbell’s soup plant back home. That’ll put a lot of people out of work. I probably have several high school friends employed there.