Truck and Tractor Pull

I don’t know HOW I didn’t hear that the Truck and Tractor Pull was starting tonight until a hour before it began! I LOOOOVE tractor pulls!

I rushed home from work and dragged my husband back into town to the fair grounds for the event. The first half of the events were tonight and tomorrow there are even more classes to watch! I think we’ll stick with just tonight’s show though. There really is a limit to the number of hours one can comfortably sit on old rickety bleachers.

And what a show it was! Not only were there tractor’s pulling, there were 4×2 trucks, 4×4 trucks, highway tractor trailer rigs, AND suped up lawnmowers! And it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO loud! I couldn’t take action shots because I had a finger deeply inserted into each of my ears!

Here are two movies for you to set the scene! Turn on your speakers if you can!







Yes, that is a riding mower!

Oops! This driver was disqualified by driving out of bounds, and crashing into the big advertising signs!



I wish I got pictures of the big transport trucks going, but it was dark by then and my camera didn’t take anything good. There were a couple of big tractors too – right off the farm. The Case kicked the John Deere’s ass, in case you are keeping score 😀


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3 Replies to “Truck and Tractor Pull

  1. awww I miss going to the tractor pulls in Listowel. I remember Paul picking me up and off we would go.
    Did Jeff get the excitement or did he shake his head?

  2. I had a good time but I definitely wasn’t as excited as Lisa. She was so giddy when she came home after work and said she wanted to go.

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