Thanks to Shawn at Virgin Mobile, my problems are hopefully (fingers crossed) fixed. Of course my cell phone is still dead because of it’s “swim”. So I have spent FAR too many hours trying to figure out what cellphone and what cellphone features I wanted.

I am sticking with Virgin Mobile. Their prices just can not be beat. And they throw in voicemail, call display, 3 way calling, call forwarding, call waiting for free – even on a pre-paid phone.

I kept my old cell phone number so if you had it before, it’s still good.

I decided to treat myself a little. No I didn’t get a blackberry – don’t be silly. I did get the Samsung R610.

A photo of the Samsung R610

It’s a mid-range phone, between a basic phone and a full blown smart phone. It slides open to use, so the keys are always protected (no accidental calls!). It has a 1.3 meg camera, nice big colour screen, and has a memory card for saving pics, music, videos, etc.

Virgin Mobile has a mobile web browsing plan, unlimited, for $7/mth. I signed up so I can try it out for a month to see what the mobile web is about. I am thinking about making a mobile version of a couple of my websites, so now I see what it actually looks like. It doesn’t have a QWERTY keyboard, and I hate texting on the stupid number pad, but I’m not going full blown into an iPhone or a Blackberry right now. I probably went over kill on this one, but we’ll see.

I could have got the phone for free with a 3 year plan, but I don’t like signing my future away anymore, but I’ll stick with Pay as You Go for now (I mostly just call Jeff at his office or at home).

I’ve already played with Twitter and Facebook on it. And it has weather so I checked the weather to verify this rain was forecast ;D So far I like this phone. The camera takes a decent picture. I think surfing the web with it eats the battery super fast, but that is probably to be expected.

OH! and I bought a case too with a belt clip to keep it safe! (and DRY!)