Really. I need to learn to pack TWO days before I leave. Then I can take out half of the stuff I packed. Lugging around more clothes than I would wear in 2 weeks has been silly. At least I have a wide variety of outfits to choose from and can change clothes a few times a day. 😀

It’s early morning at the hotel. I’m on the 17th floor!

The conference has been excellent. REALLY long day yesterday but every presentation was interesting, they kept strict to the time, and the questions afterwards were engaging.

My nose has been running like crazy so hopefully the allergy pill I took this morning will stop the flow before I get into that grand ballroom with 200 people again.

I got to visit with Leigh and her son last night. We were Junior Rangers together in 1992! She hasn’t changed a bit. And her son is the cutest boy. He was due on our wedding day so I wouldn’t invite her because I told her she wasn’t allowed to upstage the wedding by giving birth. HA! He held on until Dec. 29th though. Poor kid was teething and wasn’t too happy in the restaurant.

Getting hungry. Good thing they put on a big spread. Actually I’m on this special club floor so I have access to a room with free drinks and appetizers but so far I’ve been too chicken to go there. It has big wooden doors and you have to swipe your card, but no window so I can’t check it out from the hallway before I dive in. Maybe today.

Library staff pub crawl tonight. Should be … interesting. 🙂