We decided to catch the 2 kitties, now that their mom has set them free.

We’ve been feeding them every day so they aren’t going anywhere else. No way will they survive a winter. So we bought some supplies last night and we plan to catch ’em, tame ’em, and then find them a new home.

I’m allergic to cats and there is no way I can keep them. But I can’t let them die either.

So last night I was plotting a plan and I had them both in a kennel (I put the food in there) but they are too quick and can run away before I can close it. We might use a string to pull the door shut from farther away. The trick is to catch them both at once.

I went in side to tell Jeff my progress/plan and then went back out and came face to face with a SKUNK. I saw his tail go up. Then he dove under the front steps! Do skunks eat cats? He was probably attracted to the smell of cat food. Luckily later on I saw the kitties out again so they are safe. No sign of the skunk.

This morning before the sun came up Monty was already up watching the kittens. One was sitting on top of the puppy crate that is out there, and the other one was in side eating.

I’m guessing this is going to be way harder than I think to catch them.

Let’s hope it’s not.

Want a kitten?? They are SUPER cute!