I did it! I can’t believe I caught them! I schemed a bunch of plans yesterday but none were working. Then I got smart.

I had been feeding them by leaving cat food in the back of Monty’s plastic puppy carrier. But if they saw me at all, they were off like a flash and I couldn’t catch them.

So I needed a new plan. A plan that let me catch both of them on my first attempt.

After Jeff went to bed, and took Monty and Trooper (the dogs) with them, I put out fresh cat food and positioned the puppy carrier so the door was facing our front porch door. I opened the puppy carrier door enough for a kitten, and then I opened the door to the house a crack, a crack big enough that allowed me to pass the handle of a broom through the door. I put end of the broom handle against the puppy carrier door. I turned off the outside lights and all the lights inside. And then I crouched down, practically lying on the floor. I stayed still as my legs and feet fell asleep from the awkwardness of the angle I was crouching in.

Finally I saw a shape go into the carrier and I could hear it eating the cat food. I stayed so still. My heart started racing. If I just shoved that broom stick I’d have one! It would work! But what about the other kitten? No. I had to wait.

Come on kitty, come one, come out from hiding, come on. Listen to that chewing. Yummy cat food. Don’t let your sibling eat it all. Come on.

Suddenly, I saw the shadow of kitten ears.

My heart was beating out of my chest. The thrill of the hunt!!!

Finally the second one went in the carrier, but just a bit. I knew if I slammed it now, I’d get a tail. No. I had to wait. Out it ran. No, did I miss my chance? Wait, it’s looking right at me. Don’t move, don’t move, don’t breathe, you can’t see me.

And then it went all the way in the puppy carrier too.


I shoved the broom stick and closed the carrier door. Then I had to slide myself over like a paraplegic to get the door of the house open so I could secure the puppy carrier door. My legs were totally asleep.

The kittens quickly darted around and froze – staring at me.

I secured the carrier door, left them on the porch, and ran up to wake up Jeff to tell him I did it. My legs regained their bloodflow as I ran up the stairs and pounced into the bedroom to tell Jeff I did it!! As I panted to catch my breath!!

I went back downstairs and carried them inside. They were so still and calm. I imagined lots of hissing and meowing, but they didn’t do either. I set up one of the dog’s big extra large plastic vari-kennel like dog kennels in the basement and Jeff dumped the little carrier inside the door of the bigger one and they willingly climbed over. I put in a litter tray, dish of water, dish of kitten food, some toys, and towels. They stayed at the back, frozen like little statues.

I dreamt all night of kittens and cockroaches (don’t ask) (well if you insist, I killed an odd bug in the basement last night, but I’m sure it wasn’t a cockroch – just some weird Nova Scotia bug with legs and wings and a sinister gaze that I haven’t previously met).

This morning I went down stairs. The kittens were curled up on top of each other behind the litter tray. They had eat some of their food over night. Jeff carried the kennel up to my office so they could be around people as they get used to us.

I guess I expected movement, but they are scared little statues that haven’t moved much. I picked one up with leather gloves for 20 seconds, and it bit and growled a bit so I put it back. They are so scared. I can’t believe I bought them toys. They’d have to move for that.

All day they’ve stayed at the back of the kennel. I sat it up on the trunk I have and angled it so they can stare at me while I sit here at my desk on the computer. They are wide awake right now. Here I just took their photo:

2 kitties

They are so cute. I have no idea what sex they are – although don’t orange calico’s have to be female? Or did I get that wrong. They have ear tufts and have long hair – like maine coon cats have – but they surely aren’t purebred.

My plan? Well I hope we can tame these two. I will have to bring them in to the vet to get checked over so until then I’m keeping them separate. The one with the orange has had a runny right eye since the first time we saw her. Otherwise they seem healthy, but I’m not a vet. I’ve googled all day for tips on how to tame them. They are a little on the old side I suspect, but I really don’t know how old they are – 3-4 months I guess?

I’d like to tame them, have them spayed/neutered and then find them new homes. Of course I already love them but I just can’t have more pets here. I already have 1 cat and 2 dogs and I’m very allergic to cats. Wouldn’t you like to adopt one of them? Pretty please?