The kittens are getting huge! Here are some photos from the other night when we were playing with the fishy-on-the-stick cat toy on the bed.

Steve French: (Know where we got that name from? Ever watch Trailer Park Boys? And the episode with the cougar that was a addicted to pot? And Bubbles caught him and wanted to keep him as his pet kitty? ok then… never mind…)

Sally: When they were wild and living under the porch, I thought this one had an eye infection because her right eye is so dark and looks runny. Actually it is just a dark patch of hair there!

Sally was really crazy about the green light that comes on to focus the camera. Yesterday I let the kittens out to play while I took a nap. I woke up when something was touch my nose. I opened my eyes to see it was Sally’s nose touching my nose!! Her eyes were this big when I opened my eyes 😀

Steve French & Sally:


I’m pretty sure Aunt Cecilia said she wanted to adopt them. Anyone want to come and pick them up? ;D