I know you wanted to see more kitten photos

The kittens are getting huge! Here are some photos from the other night when we were playing with the fishy-on-the-stick cat toy on the bed.

Steve French: (Know where we got that name from? Ever watch Trailer Park Boys? And the episode with the cougar that was a addicted to pot? And Bubbles caught him and wanted to keep him as his pet kitty? ok then… never mind…)

Sally: When they were wild and living under the porch, I thought this one had an eye infection because her right eye is so dark and looks runny. Actually it is just a dark patch of hair there!

Sally was really crazy about the green light that comes on to focus the camera. Yesterday I let the kittens out to play while I took a nap. I woke up when something was touch my nose. I opened my eyes to see it was Sally’s nose touching my nose!! Her eyes were this big when I opened my eyes 😀

Steve French & Sally:


I’m pretty sure Aunt Cecilia said she wanted to adopt them. Anyone want to come and pick them up? ;D


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2 Replies to “I know you wanted to see more kitten photos

  1. indeed, they are pretty cute, I don’t want them, but I am glad aunt Cecilia wants to take both of them, that is so nice of her 🙂
    Also, I still can’t wait for the pictures of all the lights on your house!

  2. Love the kitten photos, Lisa. You’ll have to come up the coast to DesBarres Manor Inn to take a picture of Precious, the Manor cat. Actually a neighbour’s cat, but she acts as concierge, greeting new guests at they arrive. She’s become as popular as our award winning chef!

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