Christmas… still in November!

We’re are just about finished our Christmas shopping. It seems early, but it all has to be shipped back home to Ontario so we had to be on the ball today!

Jeff seems really eager to get a Christmas tree up, although I could swear we had trouble keeping needles on our trees when we got them the week before Christmas – so hopefully we can hold off another week.. or two!

Yesterday we made it to our neighbour Christmas craft show, and the farmer’s market. There were hundreds of people stuffed into the local berry farm’s store all ready to Christmas shop. There was even a long line when it opened to get in! We had to park on the highway! The trays of Christmas baking seemed to be their first target. I can’t tell you what we purchased because it might be in your stocking!!

Here is the real, fresh, Christmas wreath we bought! (it smells soooo good!) I don’t remember ever seeing a real wreath in Ontario, but here it is a necessity. There are Christmas tree farms everywhere, and I suspect a lot of people make the majority of their annual salaries by assembling Christmas wreaths, swags, and pine cone decorations.

Last night we went to a dinner theatre in Sherbrooke. Last year’s theme was Christmas in the Klondike, and this year it was a murder mystery! In between courses of our turkey dinners we were treated to an ongoing play and got to take notes in our sleuth pads to see if we could solve the crime and won the prize!! I guessed the butler, but was wrong 🙁 We sat with some of Jeff’s coworkers and their spouses and friends. It was so much fun – I hope we get to go every year!

Tonight we turned on our Christmas lights! Yes it is still November (Happy Birthday Uncle Ed!), and there isn’t a speck of snow to be seen, but we’re ready for the Christmas season! We’re not sure we’re so crazy about the LED lights we bought for the eavestrough. They just aren’t that bright. Here’s some photos:

Our Christmas Decorations

Our Christmas Decorations

Our Christmas Decorations


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  1. Love the lights, really love the wreath!
    I love dinner theatres too…guess I could have spent the weekend with you guys…haha
    You already know I love shopping.

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