We had never been to Arisaig so today we went! It’s on the northwestern coast between Pictou and Cape George – for those of you who we’ve driven around last summer. I’m pretty sure we could see PEI across the water (full of ice chunks!)

Here is a shot from the wharf along the coast:


There is a lighthouse restructure here with several historical plaques on the rocks. One says “The steeple of St. Margaret of Scotland Roman Catholic Church can be seen from this point. Arisaig is the site of the oldest parish of the Catholic highland settlers in Nova Scotia and the second oldest parish in the Diocese of Antigonish. The first log cabin church was built nearby. A cairn commemorates the church and the community’s ancestors. A second church was built near the existing Glebe House in 1816. The present church was completed in 1878 and dedicated to St. Margaret of Scotland.”

Here is the small lighthouse that has been rebuilt on the wharf with the year 2007 above the door.
Arisaig Lighthouse

(I love our new camera.)
Jeff behind the lighthouse

Did I mention how FREEZING it was?
me freezing

Here’s the Arisaig church:
Arisaig Church

Lobster season isn’t too far off!
Lobster boats

We ended up near New Glasgow so we went into town for groceries. Groceries are INSANELY expensive, but at least the bigger town had a bigger selection. Heads of iceburg lettuce – $2.69 ! No baby spinach leaves under $4.50. You would keel over if you saw the amount of money we pay for groceries here in Nova Scotia.

We took a long drive back and ended back in the Caledonia area where we were a few weeks ago. I couldn’t wait to stop and see the old church we saw last time with our new camera.

Lower Caledonia Church

I’ve never seen stained glass peel off before! I don’t think it was real stained glass!
old church window

Here is the out house for this old church:
church outhouse

I can’t wait to see this place again when the snow is gone. I’m too shy to peak in the old windows, but I just love the history of the place.

I wished we had taken photos last time of this orchard we saw that had electric fences and there were deer inside the fence. Well we drove by it again, and there were still deer inside the orchard – with two layers of electric fencing!!



More deer across the road. We saw MANY MANY deer today.


I just can’t get enough of the old farmhouses. I always have been so intrigued by them. I always think of someone like Charles Ingles building a beautiful house for their wife and growing family and how proud they would be of what they built with their hands. And think how sad they would be to see their beautiful workmanship today:

old house

old house

There was a bit of open water on the lake one south of ours. Here are a couple ducks.

And more deer!