As I just wrote on Facebook, I’m sitting in our living room watching the lake twinkle in the sun between the trees, and I’m thinking about cutting down trees to give us a better view of the lake.

That is a bit of a double-edged sword because if we can see more of the lake, then everyone on the lake can see more of us, and then all our nudist parties wouldn’t be a secret anymore.

We were talking to our closest neighbour a couple of weeks ago and he said when this house was built 20 year ago, it was a small field up here and there were no trees in front of the house at all, just a little scrub. He said you could see our house completely from the lake and now it is almost hidden because all the trees have grown up.

Yes, I was kidding about the nudist parties. Sheesh, relax.

Oh and Dad, the neighbour did said there was a small house up there before so the ruins up in the woods are for the house. And the well was dug 20 years ago when the original owner was about to build this house, but he couldn’t keep the water in it, so he drilled the well down here. (I wonder if that means the house was going to be back up the hill farther? I don’t know.)

So today Jeff has been building some big wood racks in the basement. Last year he built short wood carrels but we had to throw more wood down every week in the winter. The more he talks to other wood burners, the more he realizes we should have more in the house. So one of the structures was built today, and was screwed into the wall studs, and into the concrete floor. Once we get them both built, we’ll throw a bunch of this year’s wood that was delivered into the basement and see how much we can store inside. We haven’t finished the outdoor wood shed yet, so depending how much we get inside, we might lower the roof a little on the wood shelter outside before we put an actual roof on it.

Tonight we are hoping to nail down our travel plans – to Newfoundland!! We might even skip the east side of Newfoundland and St. John’s and just go up to Gros Morne on the west and up to L’Anse Aux Meadows and maybe even over to Labrador on the ferry! Have you been to Newfoundland? What would you recommend? We will only have 8 days probably, in September, and we’re planning to camp every night.

Still love my laptop. I had to download an older version of the Synaptics driver that runs the touch pad because the scroll stopped working as the Windows updates installed, and my other downloaded programs. I remember having to do the same thing with Jeff’s Compaq laptop.

A new, unavoidable con to this new laptop – it attracts dog hair like crazy! Must have a bit of a static charge!

OH! I know what I neglected to mention yesterday – this new laptop has a finger print scanner which makes me feel like a secret spy. When I start the computer, I don’t have to type in a password. Instead I scan my finger print and it recognizes it as my own!

Tired of all my blogging yet? 🙂 I just relocated outside to the porch swing – I’ll try out a snapshot from the built in webcam: