Broast anyone? Or is that Toard?

What *do* you call a slice that is half bread, half toast?

At any rate, our toasters new invention was deemed “garbage” and Jeff pitched the toaster.

I am so excited to go shopping for a new one!

Will it be a 2-slicer? A 4-slicer?

Will it have a bagel setting?

You think I’m kidding – but have you seen all the selection in toasters these days?

You can even get a 4 slice toaster now that cooks EGGS on the side!

We could go basic, and stick to the 2 slicer for $7.79:

Or this 4-slicer, stainless-steel number is on sale at Canadian Tire for $34.99, down from $49.99:

Price vary – like look at this one, it is $89.99!

Maybe we should go for a middle of the road, white, 4-slicer, for $29.99:

Although do we ever need to make 4 slices at once?

This is more intense than picking out a new car!!


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One Reply to “Broast anyone? Or is that Toard?”

  1. So my brother is insistent that the bagel setting toasts only one side of the bagel because no one toasts both sides of a bagel.

    I guess I do.

    But it looks like he is right, and that is what that setting is for.

    Our bagel setting always toasted both sides. Maybe our toaster’s bagel feature was just starting to work right and we tossed it?

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