Toaster shopping!

I can’t say that Jeff is the best person to go toaster shopping with.

He gets a little impatient, and then gets serious and picks out a model he likes, then sighs heavily while his wife checks out the reviews on her iPhone, and then encourages me to get whatever I want.

However, he did go to THREE stores with me, probably the only 3 stores in town that stock toasters.

And he did hold himself together when I took photos in all the toaster isles.

So overall, it was a lot of fun, but probably more so for me than for Jeff.

So guess which one we came home with?


It is sort of a trick question.


We came home with TWO toasters! 😀

First we went to Walmart.

Walmart's toaster isle

Walmart didn’t have a lot of selection, and not all of the display models had boxes to match. But we did get to actually TOUCH the toasters, and play, and look at colours, smudge-ability, and debate if we wanted 2 slices or 4.

All the toasters seem to come with a bagel setting, a defrost setting, and a warm-it-up setting.

After my brother and I debated all day about the bagel setting, I read the boxes, and it seems that bagel setting toasts the cut side of a bagel and warm up the other side.

After about 15 minutes we decided to bail and head for Canadian Tire. Surely they’d have more selection and we’d find “The Toaster”.

So here is Canadian Tire’s toaster isle:

Canadian Tire's toaster isle

They did not have demo models to play with, and there wasn’t that much to really choose from. Jeff didn’t like the stainless steel and black one, because our appliances are all white, but the white toaster looked really gawdy, so the black and stainless steel won out!

Plus it was $15 off! We went for a 4 slice, Black and Decker model.

Then we remembered we had to get groceries, and that is when Jeff remembered the Atlantic Superstore has appliances.

Doh! I bet THEY will have “The Toaster” of our dreams.

Atlantic Superstore's toaster isle

And they did.

It’s a chrome toaster, made by President’s Choice. And it is a 4-slicer, OR a 2-long slicer!

I first saw a toaster with long slits last year at my friend Jen’s house in Thunder Bay. What a genius idea! Now when you use long bread, or homemade bread, you don’t have to flip it over to toast the other end! And the price isn’t bad either!

So that means the Black and Decker beauty will not even leave it’s box… or the car… and I’ll return it on Monday. Sorry toaster… so close….

So without further adieu, here is our new toaster!

Our new toaster

Our new toaster

By the way…

Cauliflower is still not affordable:

Cauliflower - $3.99


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13 Replies to “Toaster shopping!

  1. How much was your cauliflower Dad? We bought Ontario peaches and Ontario apricots. Never bought apricots before. They don’t really have much taste either.

  2. today the market didn’t have many but they were 2.99
    Peaches were cheaper Sobeys 3l for 2.99 other stores up to 4.99 and the market was 5.99
    So yes food is UP
    mushrooms in stores bulk 4.99 lb but the market it was 2.29 lb

  3. I too fell in love with this toaster and have had it for several years. However, as with all good things, it met it’s doom last night while toasting an English muffin. It did not go quietly into the night! A large arc started inside near the handle and flames blew out the handle slot. Eventually the circuit breaker tripped but it scared the crap out of the whole family. I haven’t seen anything else with that slot arrangement and I don’t know if I want to risk buying another one.

  4. You failed to mention that this is a 1600W toaster, which means it toasts much faster. I think this is a significant feature! Don’t you?

  5. Love this toaster! Have had it for several years, but have noticed that it isn’t toasting evenly anymore. I seem to get two toasted strips at the top and bottom of the bread with a lighter strip between them. I’m considering replacing it with the same style.

  6. Wtf you did not even say the price of the President Choice toaster you bought. It’s like the most important thing to know about a product when doing a review about it.

    I just sold a crappy (T-Fal Avanté) 4 track toaster which was making very uneven toasts as well as being very bulky so I was looking for an alternative and didn’t even thought about PC until I see the compact version on Kijiji for 18-20$ as I find those from Black & Decker to be good value but kind of ugly. I want something that does more than “it does the job”. There’s the Breville Ikon toaster that was in my sight though it’s very expensive at regular price but you can happen to find 1 if you are very lucky on Kijiji for maximum half the price.

  7. You have pc model 602. Could you please send me a copy of your instruction manual, my mother and I just got one second hand.

  8. I have had that same one for many many years. I’ve even completely washed it in the sink. Let it dry. Works flawlessly.

  9. The buttons are from left to right. Frozen bread. (Toasts less tem) Then bagel or one side. Then reheat. Then cancel

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