Well we weathered Irene without much damage – except to my sleep.

We were way out on the east side of this storm, so it almost isn’t far to compare it to the other hurricane remnants we’ve had since moving here in 2007.

We have very little rain with Irene, just wind. It was very windy all night, and still is this morning, although it is mostly sunny now.

Monty was so squirrelly all night – actually starting yesterday afternoon. It must be the pressure that comes in with the storm. Between his panting and restlessness and jumping on the bed, and the sticky thick humidity, and the curtains blowing horizontally into the bedroom, I didn’t get much sleep. I got up sometime after 4am and took Monty downstairs so Jeff could sleep. I let Monty out in the dark to pee and he took his teddy bear in his mouth for his entire trip around the back yard and back into the house. How cute!

There wasn’t much on TV at 4am, so eventually I got Monty to stop panting and fall asleep and then I drifted off on the couch.

We had put the containers of tomatoes from the porch against the house and they seem fine this morning. The wind is like the past hurricanes, but without the intensity we’ve had before (where it felt like the roof was going for sure). This wind didn’t take down that many trees. I saw some branches down, but just small ones, and I saw an entire spruce tree uprooted (but that is common). Lots of leaf pieces are blown all over.

Here’s hoping for the humidity to take a hike so we can enjoy this sunshine!

I hope Mom enjoyed her first tropical storm (she’s still in PEI for a few more days).

Poor Jeff has no power at work and his Blackberry is about to die, so he may have a long day!