I don’t know, but I’m excited by it. Easily.

We have THREE weather warnings right now. A Wind Warning, a Storm Surge Warning, AND a Rainfall Warning.

Winds up to 100 km/hr tomorrow, rain tonight and tomorrow could be up to 100mm, thunderstorms, AND the Northumberland St. shoreline and Cape Breton should be expecting high waves and pounding surf that could cause local flooding, beach erosion, and will likely damage shore structures.


Awesome that we aren’t living on the shore, that is!

Too bad we’ll have to be at work during the storm tomorrow. And no Dad, I’m not going to go stand on the shore and take pictures for you. Tempted, but not-gunna-do-it.

Do you want to know what isn’t awesome? Listening to someone’s car alarm for FIVE HOURS. Someone is parked in the parking lot outside my window and they must be sitting on their keys. Their car alarm keeps starting and stopping. For hours and hours and hours and hours. I’ve checked my keys a dozen times to make sure it isn’t me. I can’t tell what car it is. I’m surprised there aren’t 15 students with sledgehammers standing on it. Maybe it isn’t mid-term season quite yet.