No wonder The Canso Causeway closed last evening – look at this photo!!

The storm continues into day 3 today! There is still a wind warning and storm surge warning for Antigonish County.

We weathered the storm fine. Two nights ago the rain was heavy. Jeff was up at 4am making sure our driveway was still intact. Yesterday when I drove into work all the creeks were overflowing and there was a lot of water on the road.

But since then, the rain has kept falling, but not too heavily so the waterways have kept up. Our driveway was already badly eroded so I didn’t notice much of a difference. We’re thinking we might have to have our driveway re-graded, maybe with an extra load or two of gravel, before winter or we’ll never be able to plow it because it is so uneven.

Everything outside is covered in pulverized leaf pieces. All of our tomato pots on the porch blew over, so Monty was able to steal and eat a few more green tomatoes.

Yesterday our neighbour lost a big tree on their front lawn. Across the lake there were a couple of times yesterday we saw a few sets of flashing lights and trucks lined up – hydro trucks I think. Must have been trees down on the service lines.

The ferries to PEI and Newfoundland have been tied up during the storm. Traffic on the bridge to PEI was restricted for awhile too. Winds peaked on the bridge at 131 km/h!

This morning it was only THREE degrees at 7:30 when I headed for work. I had to wait for the defog to clear my front and back windows. Not frost yet – just fog.

We still haven’t turned any heat on in our house. Might have to tonight if the sun doesn’t come out!

UPDATE! 8:39am – Jeff said it was just snowing at our house!