Evidence that the weather here never disappoints:

  • It started to snow heavy last evening and quickly we had a few inches everywhere.
  • Jeff plowed the driveway at 4am while I shoveled the deck and cleaned off our vehicles so he could get to the airport. It started to lightly rain while we were outside.
  • During my work day it warmed up, much of the snow melted, and the fog grew thick. People on the news tonight were saying it is the thickest fog they’ve ever seen. Now I heard the east coast folk knew fog, but this certainly isn’t the thickest fog I’ve ever seen, but it IS ominous at any rate.
  • Tonight the entire province of Nova Scotia has a wind warning. Gusts of 100 km/hr are supposedly on the way, even though it is completely calm out there now at 7:10pm
  • There may be thunderstorms over night.
  • By Sunday it will be -12°C


Jeff is in Ontario. I will be having a quiet weekend at home. I’ve got many things to do, and hopefully one of them won’t be chasing the roof in the wind tonight.

Monty is pining away at the door for Jeff. He thinks Jeff should be home by now. He is usually a little extra whiny for the first day or two after Jeff leaves.