The tire problem was another broken tire pressure sensor. I’m not crystal clear on how these things work, but they are in the tire stem somehow and that is why the tire went flat. $96 + labour = over $150.  Great.

I love these tire pressure sensors because then I know when I have an unsafe tire that is under or over inflated.  However half the time it is under-inflated because the sensor broke and let out the air.  Just can’t win.

And I’m sure that the mysteriously broken tire sensor has nothing to do with having a tire change a few days before.

AND by the way, I have been vindicated. I thought I was a doofus last week getting my winter tires on so early.

HOWEVER, this morning it was 0 and SNOWING when I went to work.

Now mind you it wasn’t sticking to the road, but still, better safe than sorry.