It’s the epic May 2-4 long weekend in Canada.

And just to keep things interesting, we had a day of rain and snow,  two frost warnings, strong winds, and we had to turn the heat back on in the house.

We were stubborn about it for awhile, but on Sunday morning Jeff got up before me and it was only 12°C in the house (that is 53.6F for you non-Celcius folks). He caved and turned the heat on.  The heat made it so much more, well… livable, in here 🙂  So far we haven’t had to turn the heat on today (Monday).

I slept Saturday and Sunday night with a toque on to keep warm.  Nothing like a layer of Thinsulate on your skull to keep your heat in 🙂   Especially in May.

We went to see the new Star Trek movie on Saturday.  I really enjoyed it!  Jeff had a lot of problems with it because he is more of a Trekkie and had issues with the story.  I’ve watched Star Trek my entire life but I’ve never absorbed enough of the intricate details and plot lines to have any issues.  My biggest beef is the obvious eyebrow ring scar on the actor who plays Spock. I have no idea why, but it distracted me throughout the entire movie.

I had a nice Facetime session with my sister-in-law the other night and got to watch my niece and nephew play with blocks, paint, dance, and show me their autographs from the characters at Walt Disney World in Florida.   Technology is so great. Would they even know me if we only saw each in person once a year?

Today I’ve been attempting to clean and rearrange my home office.  It always ends up looking way worse for a few hours, but it is coming together. I’ve always had the same problem -> where to put the massive computer tower.  On the desk? On the next desk? Under the desk?  I’d love to put it up on a shelf but I can’t hardly lift the thing so I’m sure the wall doesn’t want to either.

Jeff had the winning solution, and it is now under my desk, beside my left leg. Not ideal. But sooooooooooo much better. He drilled a big hole through the back of the desk for some cord management.

Tonight took a rather sad turn watching the horrific devastation in Oklahoma from a tornado. I’m watching a live feed from an Oklahoma TV-station. They are reporting at least 30 kids could be dead in a school. I can’t even wrap my head around it.