Jeff’s been working full speed ahead at our hot tub enclosure!

The fence walls give us some privacy while soaking, and the roof will keep the snow off of it.

Because the enclosure includes the windows in my office, we added a couple clear panels in the roof for light. The rest of it is tin to blend in with our historical town.

There is plenty of ventilation under the fence boards and around the top to keep the air moving, the heat from building up, and to dissipate any steam/ice build up in the winter.

All that is left now is painting the door and top ledger boards, and all the inside! It’s an absolute piece of paradise out there and I can’t believe it is ours and not a resort’s. I’ve “tubbed” every day!

Forest Fires

We had a bit of a scare the other day when a typical summer afternoon thunderstorm rolled through and lightning sparked a fire right above town, between the Dome Road and the fire tower.

Fire crews pounced on it, and our local helicopter companies were using buckets to drop water on the flames until the aerial bomber arrived.

I jumped into prep mode and dashed off to fill up my car. If we had to evacuate, I’d most certainly need gas!

They declared the fire out by noon the next day. It only grew to 0.2 hectares. Impressive work by our fire crews!

Yesterday a fire started out on the Hunker Summit that is already over 850 hectares! We went out to a high point last night to watch the smoke plume, and the birddog planes circling it. We saw one run from an air tanker, and a couple trips from our local helicopter companies.

A black bear was hanging around, eating berries and bushes. He kept his eye on us, but didn’t otherwise seem to care much that we were there.


We had three days of 29C weather over the long weekend and my flowers really took off! I lost just one plant to frost a few weeks ago, and another one to drowning before I noticed the pot didn’t have holes drilled in the bottom.

That 55 foot long flower garden out front is coming along. A couple things are starting to bloom, the irises are opening, and it is a full time job keeping the grass out. It’s going to be amazing when all the plants bloom.

Here are a few of my baskets and pots from around the front porch and back deck.

Health Update

I’m doing great! I’ve had terrible sore… everything… since chemo. But I’m back to walking with Jeff and Hank every night, going further each week than I could previously. I’m almost back to walking normal long distances, but not quite. My head gets a bit weary if I go too many kilometres.

My joint pain seems to be subsiding daily as I rebuild my muscles to keep me moving. I’ve been using an app again to track calories in and out and it is paying off already as I drop the extra 10 or so pounds I gained over the last year of treatment.

I also notice my body craves sunshine. As soon as I feel the warm sun on my skin, it’s like a drug and I don’t want to go to the shade. That must be what a long, dark winter will do to ya!

Some random pictures from our walks this last week. The smoke in the air often makes the light a bit orange which makes for some nice pictures. And the fireweed has started to bloom!

Enjoy the summer everyone!