I’m half way through the best flight of my life.

I cashed in a bunch of Aeroplan points to travel business class home to meet my new niece. The trip back to Ontario was full of misadventures and flight delays, and I had to forfeit my business class seat.

However, today, I’m heading back to Vancouver in style! Here is my seat:

I’m in my own first class pod! With a blanket, and duvet, and a pillow. I have two windows. Just for me. I had an glass of orange juice and a bottle of water before we even took off.

I’ve been given noise cancelling headphones to use on this flight (but I’ll probably use my own). I have a side panel to control the sound.

I was given a dish of mixed nuts. Salted. And warm!

I’m on my second soda. I had veal. My lumbar region has a messager built in.

My legs are stretched straight out front of me, on my leg support that tilts up or down at the press of a button. I’ve got a padded, extra long seatbelt, and a thick arm rest that raises and lowers.

I can control the lights above and below me. Even the lighting for my feet.

Logic tells me there must be rows and rows of tightly packed economy travellers behind me. But I can’t hear or see them. We have our own door to the front of the plane so they didn’t even walk by. My knapsack has its own overhead compartment.

I had couscous salad before my veal.

And just now I was just asked if I’d like a warm cookie and ice cream.

There are two bathrooms here to use, with no lines. There isn’t even urine and wet paper towels on the floor. There is hand lotion for after I wash my hands.

After lunch, I reclined my seat for awhile, pulling the duvet up over my legs and waist. I started my second movie and basket of snacks was suddenly in front of me and now I have a Kit Kat.

Pinch me, I must be dreaming.