Here is a big dump of photos from my visit to Ontario!

Travel Pics

It was a fun trip with a flight postponed for 6 hours, which led to missing the next couple of flights. But to tell you the truth, after going through an illness like I did last year, nothing like a travel delay is even worth fretting about. I’d get there eventually! Might as well enjoy the ride.

Brian’s place

My brother Brian picked me up from the airport and I spent a couple days with them. Easton made me an early birthday cake! Leanne made fresh bread for lunch! We went to Hadley’s skating lesson, and also played Pokemon Go! Also.. pizza!


I got to meet my new niece, Selinah, and spend several days with her! I got to change diapers, hold her, rock her, listen to her loud toots 😀 Everything she did was adorable! My sister Julie is such a great Mom. It’s kinda weird my little sister is a Mom now, isn’t it?

We visited my Grandma. She’s 96 and just loves holding Selinah!

Verkley Christmas

Brian and Leanne and kids came to Mom’s house for a day of fun before the Verkley Christmas at Maria and Don’s house. We played MORE Pokemon, and Monopoly (Easton won), and Julie and I made a gingerbread house (which we promptly ate). Uncle Paul took us out for breakfast, and then I went with Paul for a tour of the old neighbourhood.

I haven’t been to a Verkley Christmas in years! It was so great in Don’s shed. Nice and warm. I didn’t have near enough time to talk to everyone as much as I wanted to. I could have stayed there for days.

When I leave I always feel like I didn’t see near enough people, didn’t have half the conversations I wanted too, but maybe that is good, keeps us all wanting more!